Exhibitions archive

05. June 2014

Sculptures from the Nedbalka Gallery´s collection – Haptic Studio

With the exhibition “Sculptures from the Nedbalka Gallery´s collection – Haptic Studio the Gallery joined the project Sculpture and Object XIX.

09. April 2014

Michal Jakabčic, Viera Žilinčanová – Harmony of Imagination

Slovak painting has undergone several development changes in the latter half of the twentieth century.

03. February 2014

New artworks at the Nedbalka

The exhibition presented selected works from the gallery´s depository that have not been displayed before.

19. December 2013

Rudolf Uher – Heads

The exhibition was the fourth and the last presentation of artist´s oeuvre in connection with the 100th anniversary of his birth.

03. November 2013

Ašot Haas – Inside

Shortly before the gallery´s first anniversary, the exhibition plan was extended to include the exhibition of a young artist Ašot Haas (*1981) titled “Inside”.

03. September 2013

Endre Nemes – Visual Poems

Nemes was among the first Slovak artists who turned his eyes away from objective reality towards the inner, often self-tormenting examination

10. June 2013

Milan Paštéka – The Aspect of Bravery

His paintings serve as an inspiration for always necessary re-definition of views and the perception in broader contexts.

01. May 2013

Visible Durabilities

The exhibition presented works with a visible sensibility to social aspects of the environment in which the artist grew up and whose consequences they can still feel today.

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