Dorota Sadovská – Angels and Saints

I am interested in both painting and picture.

Dorota Sadovská

A focal point of the artistic programme of Dorota Sadovská (*1973), who has been balancing on the inspiring borderline of classical painting and photography, is a body and its representation. Shortly after her debut exhibition she fastened the attention by untraditional representation of a figure in connection with innovative and bold use of iconography of the saints. In the Nedbalka Gallery she displays her works from two cycles of paintings: Saints (from 1995) and Angels (from 2008). The figures hovering in space in the form of saints or angels often resemble artist´s friends and acquaintances. Sadovská takes photographs of them like “figurants” in various positions. Yet, she does not deny her provocativeness, sense of irony, or “the aspect of subversiveness”.

Publication: Dorota Sadovská – Anjeli a svätí / Angels and Saints, texts: Katarína Bajcurová, Jarmila Bencová, Lucia Miklošková, Zora Rusinová, poems by Peter Repka and Ivan Štrpka; number of pages: 128; binding: hard cover; year of issue: 2016.

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