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15. October 2019

Andrej Barčík – Axis Crossing the Horizon

Barčík focused on painting, drawing, lithograph, and used waste paper from printing works. He combined things, leaving nothing to chance.

14. September 2019

The competition Painting – The VUB Foundation

The competition Painting – The VUB Foundation award for paintings by young artists has fulfilled its mission, which is to promote the most gifted professional painters in Slovakia and raise the public awareness of the visual art, for fourteen years.

13. March 2019

Ladislav Mednyánszky – The 100th anniversary of artist´s death

Ladislav Mednyánszky (1852 Beckov – 1919 Viedeň) was one of the most significant painters at the turn of the twentieth century and the most famous Barbizon artist in Slovakia. During his lifetime he was recognised mainly as a landscapist. The Barbizon concept of landscape was in accordance with his inner world and he managed to bring the landscape painting in the manner of lyrical realism, which preferred the artist´s inner experience, individual feelings and moods, to the level of perfection.

11. December 2018

Koloman Sokol 1968-1993

Eighteen works on paper in the Nedbalka Gallery´s collection come from the period of the 1970s and 1980s.

29. October 2018

František Burian´s Studio

Prof. František Burian has been devoted to the education of designers for over three decades.

24. September 2018

Painting 2013-2018

The VUB Foundation has a long history of supporting the visual arts.

30. August 2018

Zora Palová – ZORENIE

Glass is not only a material, it is a matter living its own life, it is a space shaped by light.

14. March 2018

Vladimír Kompánek – Remembering

I saw colour chalks for the first time in my life.

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