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13. October 2023

Fero Lipták – Over Spilled Milk

Nedbalka Gallery presents “Over Spilled Milk”, a solo show of the Slovak artist Fero Lipták, at their space.

12. September 2023

Maľba (Painting) 2023

The competition Maľba – Cena Nadácie VÚB za maliarske dielo pre mladých umelcov (Painting – the VUB Foundation Award for young artists) has fulfilled its mission – to promote Slovakia´s most gifted professional painters and raise public awareness of visual art – for eighteen years.    

25. May 2023

Still Lifes from the Nedbalka Gallery´s Collection

Bringing together the works that have not been included in the Gallery´s permanent exposition, the exhibition presents the genre of still life in the context of modern Slovak art.

07. March 2023

Lucia Dovičáková – The I Feel Like…

Lucia Dovičáková’s work has been resonating on the Slovak art scene for eighteen years, and together with the artist it has reached a clear definition of a strong authorial programme that has a woman and her image in its centre.

17. November 2022

Three Times Čutek

Three Times Čutek exhibition represents almost seventy years of the creative effort of three generations of the Čutek family of sculptors in the selection of works from the most significant periods of their creation; it also illustrates their inter-generational relationships.

20. October 2022

Painting 2022

Twenty finalists, from which three winners will emerge in the autumn, have been carefully selected by the jury.

05. April 2022

Ľudovít Fulla – Fragments

The exhibition Ľudovít FullaFRAGMENTS examines different periods of artist´s oeuvre through the works from the collections of the Nedbalka Gallery

12. January 2022

Marián Čunderlík – Struggling for a new vision

Through his early figural work, Čunderlík became an imaginary connection between a modern tradition of Slovak painting and the non-tradition of abstract tendencies.

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