Exhibitions archive

27. December 2015

Milan Laluha – The Poetry of Composition in Paintings

In the gallery´s collection he is represented by high-quality works from the entire creative period.

26. August 2015

Milan Dobeš – Light and Motion

For me the basic means of expression is light and motion.

09. June 2015

Glass – Sculpture. Object, Painting, Drawing and Photography

Exhibiting artists: Miloš Balgavý, Ašot Haas, Jana Hojstričová, Patrik Illo, Jozef Jankovič, Oliver Leššo, Palo Macho, Svätopluk Mikyta, Lukáš Mjartan, Štěpán Pala, Zora Palová, Jan Zoričák.

15. April 2015

Rudolf Krivoš – Paintings 1958 – 2009. Testimonies – Signals – Messages

The exhibition presented mainly artist´s figural compositions depicting his traditional subjects.

04. February 2015

Mária Medvecká – Greeting to the Painter of Orava

The body of work and life of Mária Medvecká (1914 – 1987) were firmly anchored in her native land, Orava.

06. January 2015

New Works at the Nedbalka

At the time of the exhibition the depository of the Nedbalka Gallery contained over thousand works of Slovak fine art from the late nineteenth century up to the present.

22. August 2014

Vincent Hložník – Messages and Visions

Vincent Hložník (1919 – 1997) was among the most significant founders of Slovak modern art.

05. June 2014

Sculptures from the Nedbalka Gallery´s collection – Haptic Studio

With the exhibition “Sculptures from the Nedbalka Gallery´s collection – Haptic Studio the Gallery joined the project Sculpture and Object XIX.

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