Palo Macho – Timing the Line

I am pushing visual and technological limits of glass painting and drawing. I employ the transparency of material and layering of painted surfaces. Glass gives me a room to capture the thoughts on life in a way that I enjoy and am interested in.

Palo Macho

Palo Macho (*1965) has became famous mostly for his paintings and glass works. The exhibition presents the artist´s drawings that have been rather unknown so far. It was accompanied by a monograph written by a Czech curator Sylva Petrová professor emeritus at the University of Sunderland (UK). The photographs were taken by Jana Hojstričová, an art photographer and vice-chancellor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. The show was included in the international exhibition Sculpture and Object XXI (2017).

Publication: Palo Macho – Časovanie čiary / Timing the Line, texts: Sylva Petrová; number of pages: 120; binding: flexi; language: Czech and English; year of issue: 2017.

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