Vladimír Kompánek – Remembering

I saw colour chalks for the first time in my life. Without moving I watched a bright colour line left behind the chalk, creating circle, loop, line and point... Perhaps that is the source of my interest in moving a colour line across the statue or the paper like a distant shining trace.

Vladimír Kompánek

Vladimír Kompánek perceived his artistic journey as remembering. Through his paintings and sculptures he remembered perceptions as well as himself. The works presented in the exhibition show the subjects inspired by the arrtist´s memories of Rajec, his birthplace, wanderings during carnivals, snow-covered villages or moments from his studio. He managed to reduce his objects and figures into simple shapes and impress the viewers. He created works with the touch of home and personal experience.

In 1957 he co-founded the Mikuláš Galanda Group, which followed in the work of the most progressive artists of Slovak modern art – Ľ. Fulla, M. Galanda, C. Majerník and M.A. Bazovský.

The project is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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