Zora Palová – ZORENIE

Glass is not only a material, it is a matter living its own life, it is a space shaped by light.

Zora Palová

The exhibition “Zorenie” presents seven decades of life of Zora Palová, a significant sculptor and a glass artist. The glass sculptures are supported by texts and photographs documenting the artist´s development in connection with various life situations, from an early childhood and unfulfilled dream of becoming a ballerina, through motherhood, to gradual, strong-willed fulfilment of professional concepts and creative goals.

Zora Palová is the first artist in Slovakia to perceive glass and its artistic possibilities as a primarily sculptural material able, due to the light, to reveal its inner world. Through her works she conveys ideas about life, birth and fragility, as well as about nature.  Her original and distinctive works brought her success and recognition on both domestic and international art scenes.

The project is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Publikácia: Zora Palová – Zorenie, autor textov: Xénia Lettrichová; počet strán: 64; väzba: mäkká; rok vydania 2018.

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