Katarína Kvietiková – Bekéniová: Terra Incognita

I see the abstract painting as a process of searching for how to visualise my inner world only through colours and structures.

Katarína Kvietiková – Bekéniová

The title of the exhibition exactly defines the artist´s status quo. It is the first time that she discovered a new world of abstraction. The colour, shape, lines and structures allow her to discover and implement new things. She does not want to talk too much; she wants to show passion and courage, to accept and manage the accident, to subordinate the brushstrokes to prearranged structure. Colours that she has ignored so far suddenly seem to emerge on her palette. Subconsciously, and later also deliberately, she has transposed pieces of tapestry into her painting. She has always been fascinated by details made by wool. She tries to capture its lightness and transpose it into the medium of painting. The prints are subsequently derived from the dynamics of paintings. In her latest works, Katarína tries to connect, to interweave these completely different techniques. Yet, she keeps her own form of the line. The line is a part of her entire oeuvre and allowed her to open a brand new world of abstract painting.

Publication: Katarína Kvietiková – Bekéniova – Terra Incognita; texts: Bohunka Zamecová; number of pages: 72; binding: flexi; language: Slovak and English; year of issue: 2017.

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