Ladislav Guderna – The Coincidence

…not to be limited, but want to understand and embrace life to the maximum possible extent.

Ladislav Guderna

The exhibition presented twenty-six works by Ladislav Guderna (1921 – 1999) from the collection of the Nedbalka Gallery, which provide a comprehensive overview of his entire oeuvre. The artist learned the principles of surrealist art in the 1940s after getting in touch with the representatives of Slovak version of surrealism. He discovered the language of dreams and stimulated his imagination to see the world from a different perspective. Subsequently he developed the basic principles of surrealism into a specific form. Sensuality and eroticism are present in his works in different forms. Pure joy of beauty and lightness of big flying objects seemingly ignoring physical rules evoke the world distance from earthly difficulties. Guderna´s world is filled with humour and irony.

Publication: Ladislav Guderna – Koincidencia / The Coincidence, texts: Zsófia Kiss-Szemán; number of pages: 72; language: Slovak and English; binding: soft cover; year of issue: 2016.

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