Dominika Sládková-Paštéková – Gen like a Generation, Gen like Genitive

The work of art is revolutionary; the house is conservative. The work of art shows people new directions and thinks of the future. The house thinks of the present. Man loves everything that satisfies its comfort. He hates everything that wants to draw him out of his acquired and secured position and that disturbs him. Thus he loves the house and hates art. Adolf Looos: Architecture (1910) TRUTH OR LIE?

Dominika Sládková-Paštéková

The exhibition of Dominika Sládková-Paštéková (*1967) consisted of three cycles of prints executed in the technique of linocut on canvas. A human being as a unit of perception of the world is still a valid philosophy, even though the perspective is changing as a result of changes in the world itself. The interpersonal relations have developed in the fine art as well, from a geometric pattern through archaism and idealisation up to the realism. The stress is put on connections into which a figure is set through surrounding symbols and the light. And finally, the trace left by human in the world. It is also well possible that a total absence of human can arise. That does not mean, however, that his presence is not appreciable. The exhibition Gen like a Generation, Gen like Genitive is actually a story of a figure becoming a human.

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