Visible Durabilities

The exhibition presented works with a visible sensibility to social aspects of the environment in which the artist grew up and whose consequences they can still feel today.

Displaying artists: Erik Binder, Lucia Dovičáková, Tomáš Džadoň, Patrik Kovačovský, Marek Kvetan, Svätopluk Mikyta, Michal Moravčík.

Erik Binder (*1974) has been known as a “spray painter” since 2007. The exhibition presented his works referring to a family background of his generation with the objects of everyday use.

Lucia Dovičáková (*1981) is a young Slovak painter focusing on current subjects of female existence in today´s world. Her natural style of painting often reflects deeply personal and more than controversial themes.

Tomáš Džadoň (*1981) is a Slovak neo-conceptual artist, who brought himself into notice by his works dealing with the phenomenon of socialist panel house. However, he is also interested in other forms of folk, consumerist and artistic heritage.

Patrik Kovačovský (*1970) presented the subject of flying, which has been haunting him, in various forms, during his entire career. The current form poetically reflects a common past of the two countries in which his generation grew up.

Marek Kvetan (*1976) has engaged in computer art, internet, and processing of electronic data in different forms. Recently he has focused on a conceptual installation and object with a perceptible social and ironic undertone.

Svätopluk Mikyta (*1973) has brought a specific interpretation of visual culture and Slovak history into our fine art. He contributed to the exhibition with unique works that have not been affected by globalisation.

Michal Moravčík (1974 – 2016) focused mostly on installation, often with respect to cultural and historical circumstances of the place where he was working. He was also interested in a phenomenon of public space and cultural politics.

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