Ašot Haas – Inside

In the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderesen, little Ašot – Kai is in the care and at the mercy of the Snow Queen. She gave him everything he needed, except for one thing. The girl named Gerda will find Ašot – Kai and she will tell him a secret.

Ašot Haas

Shortly before the gallery´s first anniversary, the exhibition plan was extended to include the exhibition of a young artist Ašot Haas (*1981) titled “Inside”. He took part in the creation of a central architectural space of a newly reconstructed building. The horizontal transparent object has become a central optical element of the presentation of contemporary fine art in the Gallery. His works seem to be technologically demanding, however, they are made with incredible ease. The book accompanying the exhibition includes artist´s work and signature.

Publication: AŠOT HAAS – INSIDEtexts: Palo Choma, Mira Sikorová Putišová; number of pages: 116; binding: cardboard; language: Slovak and English; year of issue: 2013.

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