Vincent Hložník – Messages and Visions

I mostly admired father´s younger brother, uncle Jano, who used to draw horses.

VIncent Hložník

Vincent Hložník (1919 – 1997) was among the most significant founders of Slovak modern art. The artist´s last solo exhibition was held in Bratislava in 1993. After a long period of twenty-one years, the Nedbalka Gallery has mounted the artist´s exhibition presenting the selection of his works from the 1940s. The works on display show people driven from home by war and poverty, biblical subjects as well as scenes of a riveting life in the circus. A central motif of his works is the warning against the dangers of war and other tragedies. Hložník´s works are timeless.

Publication: Vincent Hložník – Posolstvá a vízie / Messages and Visions; texts: Ľudovít Petránsky; number of pages: 128; binding: hardcover; language: Slovak and English; year of issue: 2014.

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