Stano Filko

I have been thinking about the white space since my childhood. The first time I have formulated thus problem, was the conversation with my grandfather Pavol in the early 1950s through his transcendental philosophy and my white phenomenology.

Stano Filko

The exhibition showed thirty-eight artist´s works from the collection of the Nedbalka Gallery. Life and work of Stanislav Filko (1937 – 2015) can only be presented in fragments. Filko offers us a materialised projection of his world, which is often unfinished, even trapped in the stage of a continuous change. Filko considerably contributed to a new perception of the function of art.

Catalogue: STANO FILKO – Biela ako ontologický priestor a začiatok všetkého, texts: Zsófia Kiss-Szemán; number of pages: 86; language: Slovak; year of issue: 2012.

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