Michal Jakabčic, Viera Žilinčanová – Harmony of Imagination

"I was captivated mainly by instrumental music – polyphonic canzone, crystalline structures of concertos, recitatives, arioso and arias. " - Žilinčanová

Slovak painting has undergone several development changes in the latter half of the twentieth century. Among the personalities who undoubtedly gave the direction and energy to the development were Michal Jakabčic (1930 – 2001) and Viera Žilinčanová (1932 – 2008). The exhibition presented lesser-known works of the two painters. The beginnings of Michal Jakabčic were accompanied with intense search and revaluation of domestic and foreign examples.

The paintings from the pinnacle of his work are full of spirituality, where the adult world is united with a magical world of childhood. In his case one can talk about imaginative painting that is being referred to as magic realism. Figuratively speaking, Michal Jakabčic is the painter painting what the poet can feel. Viera Žilinčanová developed the tradition of poetic imagination and surrealism. She inclined towards a fine poetic line of painting arising from magic realism. She was interested in objective reality only as long as it was part of her dreamlike visions. The artist´s message projected into her paintings resembles a dream that seems to petrify.

Publication: Michal Jakabčic, Viera Žilinčanová – Súzvuk imaginácie / Harmony of Imagination; texts: Ľubomír Podušel; number of pages: 120; binding: hardcover; language: Slovak and English; year of issue: 2014

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