Mária Medvecká – Greeting to the Painter of Orava

In such a piece of land as Orava, one can find abstracted all the most characteristic features of Slovakia.

Mára Medvecká

The exhibition commemorated the 100th anniversary of artist´s birth. The body of work and life of Mária Medvecká (1914 – 1987) were firmly anchored in her native land, Orava. Her oeuvre, be it paintings or drawing, was dominated by landscape and nature. After 1950 her works were marked by socialist realism. She painted still lifes with flowers and portraits of children. The collection of small-scale paintings has been preserved thanks to the art collectors Karol Kollár and his son Marek and it was displayed for the very first time.

Catalogue: Mária Medvecká – Pozdrav maliarke Oravy / Greeting to the Painter of Orava; texts: Bohumír Bachratý; number of pages: 48; binding: soft cover;    language: Slovak and English; year of issue: 2014.

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