Juraj Rusňák – Bioformy

In my work I do not follow any examples; I am immersed in a micro world into which my country was deposited in layers, too. I am at its very centre; I am here, in Slovakia.

Juraj Rusňák

Sculptor Juraj Rusňák (*1938) belongs to the generation of visual artists who in the latter half of the 1960s significantly contributed to the fact that after the period of socialist realism the Slovak art  managed to keep up with the development of international art. In his work he drew upon archaic shapes of Ancient Greek statues, which he admired his entire life.

Catalogue: JURAJ RUSŇÁK – Bioformy / Bioforms, texts: Katarína Müllerová; number of pages: 84; language: Slovak and English; binding: soft cover; year of issue: 2013.

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