Endre Nemes – Visual Poems

I cannot really describe my way of painting. The methods that I have used are very different.

Endre Nemes

Endre Nemes (1909 – 1985) emigrated from the former Czechoslovakia in 1938 to escape impending fascism. However, he remained a persona non grata in his own country even after the defeat of fascism and the awareness of his work began to fade away. His work began to be revaluated only in 2008 on the occasion of his exhibition at the Bratislava City Gallery. Nemes was among the first Slovak artists who turned his eyes away from objective reality towards the inner, often self-tormenting examination. His paintings reveal the influence of expressionism, cubism and surrealism. In his later works he expressed himself through a non-figurative art. In the final phase he focused on collages that include figurative elements again. The Gallery Nedbalka succeeded in building an impressive collection of the artist´s significant works that document Nemes´ various creative periods.

Publication: Endre Nemes – Obrazové básne / Visual Poemstexts: Ivan Jančár; number of pages: 96; binding: hardcover; language: Slovak and English; year of issue: 2013.

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